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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is often touted as a magic bullet for creating a successful online presence. Be warned, this is not the case. Building an online business is an ongoing process, search engine optimisation is simply the first step.

Looking back ten years to 1996, a well crafted mix of keywords would give you decent results in the search engines, which weren't all that smart. In the late 90's Google changed all that. Search engines now look directly at your content and who links to you along with a whole lot of voodoo to display relevant results to their users.

Getting people to your website is a start but then you need to get them to purchase your product, or engage your services. Your website needs to be relevant, easy to use and most of all informative. Always, always, always be asking the visitor to contact you, without a call to action you're simply wasting their time.

CNPS is now proud to offer SEO services to our clients Feel free to contact us for more information. Or read on for information about how the process works.


Building Links to improve your search engine placing

One part of the search engine voodoo that we can easily explain is linking. Who links to your website, and how successful (who links to them, who they link to) they are. Think of a link to your website as a vote, and more votes get you closer to the top position.

Google uses a technology called Page Rank (PR) to group web sites into popularity groups. Sites are ranked from 0 (low) to 10 (high). If you use the Google Toolbar you can see the PR of any site you visit. A site with PR 5 or more is pretty good and if they link to you it will boost your rankings a lot.

Going back to the votes analogy, a site with PR of 7 might give you 50 votes from one link, but a site with PR of 3 might only give you 10. There's a lot of that voodoo in there too helping things out.

So start close to home, get your suppliers and customers to put links on their website to you, be nice and put links on yours to theirs. You need to be careful who you link to and don't link to stammers as it will have a negative effect on your rankings.


Morals of search engine optimization.

There are a number of tricks you can pull when optimizing your site. From white, to black, with a fair bit of grey in between. There are number of grey loop holes that are against Google's terms and conditions that can work in the short term but can have very bad effect on your ranking. As well there is outright fraud and search engine deception that will get you removed from search engines completely once you get caught.

Suffice to say, we do things the right way, the first time. No loopholes, grey areas. We only practice honest and open search engine optimization techniques.

Choosing your target phrases

The key to search engine optimization is correctly choosing the keywords that you want your site to target. Its important to distinguish yourself as much as possible to maximize your ranking. If you only target the phrase 'florist' then you will find you will rank very poorly, but if you target the phrase 'roses florist in Christchurch' you have a lot greater success.

Measuring success of search engine optimisation

A number of indicators can be used to measure how effectively your optimizing your site.

Visitors to your site

We look at your statistics, gleaning information regarding your visitors, where they come from, how long they stay for, what they were searching for, how they navigated your site before we start the optimization process, and provide reports on trends over time.


Page Rank (PR)

Page rank gives a good overall view on how successful your site is and to measure it against your competitors. PR does not change very often. It is very easy to move up the lower PR with good search engine optimization but moving up beyond 5 is a lot more difficult. Only a handful of websites worldwide have made it to PR 9.

Incoming Links

The number of incoming links is a good indicator of success. People who are linking to your website because you provide a good product or service, or valid informative content.


ALEXA Ranking

From the data provided by the millions of Alexa Toolbar users worldwide, a list is compiled that gives you an idea of the popularity of a website. This information can be used to monitor the effectiveness of SEO and online marketing and rank your website against you competitors. What our search engine optimisations will provide to you

One of our search engine experts will spend time every month going over your site looking for ways to optimize your site, improve your ranking, looking for people to link to your site and keeping a tab on your competitors.

Your site will be updated to keep up with the continual changing technologies behind search engines.

We will manage your keyword advertising budget making sure there is an effective advertising campaign running that brings real results for you.

You will be provided with a monthly report. This report will show you your rankings for your target phrases and keywords on major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc). We will also report your PR and the number of people that link to your site.

If you host with us, we will provide you with compressive reports on how people are coming to your site, what they are searching for, how long they are staying for and how many people are coming back to your site.